Astoundingly beautiful Fallout 4 mods you NEED to know about

While I love Fallout 4, there’s something about the environment of the Commonwealth that bothers me. I’m obviously not a climatologist by profession but 210 years after atomic destruction, shouldn’t there be more regrowth and flora blooming across the state? The Commonwealth in its vanilla state feels flat, and after significant time invested… it’s somewhat even boring. The desolation of the Mojave worked in New Vegas because of the arid temperament of the southwestern United States. Coastal New England? Not so much.

Enter some bad ass mods that breathe new life into the Commonwealth. Unique cloud formations! Gorgeous sunsets! Overgrowth on bridges! Moss overtaking old buildings! Weeds! Flowers! Vegetation! CORAL REEFS! What was once a stagnant, lifeless world has come to life in glorious colour.

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Fallout 4 Mod Masterpost


Here is the long promised Fallout 4 Mod Masterpost. It’s only taken me eightyfouryears.gif to get around to making it, but hey, I didn’t plan on getting sick. Every mod on this list has been extensively tested and are 110% Heatherbee approved. I’m nearing 400 hours on PC for FO4, so trust me when I say I’ve tried out a metric shitton of mods!

To install these mods, you will need Nexus Mod Manager.
(Making FO4 mod compatible is a little more involved than just click and download, the Nexus Wiki has a good installation guide. Need any extra help? I’d be happy to assist. Modding games is. my. jam.)

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WildStar Mod Masterpost

Empress_Kerrigan.151010.195255One of the best things about PC gaming is the rich world of user created add ons. I’ve always been a huge fan of making a game my “own” through customization and when I picked up playing WildStar again, I was excited to see what the user base had created. Although the community is smaller than some of its competitors due to the newness of the game, there’s some real talent to be found!

Through trial and error, here are my top add on picks for WildStar.

Changes the fade properties of the original chat box. I like it because it adds extra legibility.

A very clean looking total UI replacement. Reminiscent of Tukui, of the World of Warcraft UI replacement world. Since it’s in beta, there are a few growing pains but I think it’s well worth it.

A compact user frame add on targeted for healers. I love the auto targeting on mouse over feature, makes healing easier! If you’ve used Clique / Grid / VuhDo in WoW, it’ll feel familiar to you.

Lightweight add on that adds labels to nodes out in the world.

Target assistant add on for healers. Allows you to target the lowest health player within 40m with a customizable keybind.

My holy grail, OH GOD WHY WAS I EVER PLAYING THE GAME WITHOUT IT, add on. TapThat autocompletes the Client Side Interactions* whenever you interact with them.
*Rapid tap, Simon, etc. Does NOT work to automatically un-stun you; that you still have to do yourself.

The nameplate add on that I like the most. (I use it in place of ForgeUI’s default nameplates.)

A straightforward damage / healing meter.


Dragon Age: Origins Mod Masterpost


If you are playing DA:O for the first time, please do not look into Skip the Fade, Dragon Age Redesigned, or DsC new faces for Zevran / Sten / Alistair / Morrigan / Leliana. Play the game in its original integrity first; it is one of my favourite games and deserves to have your party members in their vanilla skins and well, you just have to experience The Fade for yourself!


You will need a BioWare Social Account and NexusModManager.

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