First trip to Disneyland


Disneyland was everything I expected and more. I absolutely reveled in the atmosphere; it sounds cheesy, but “Disney Magic” is legitimate. Even Jake, who leans a bit stoic than I am, got swept up in the energy. Since we were at the park in early November aka off-season, a few of the rides were closed. I was a little sad I didn’t get to go on the Jungle Cruise but hey, we were already planning on going back. (Hello, Star Wars Land in 2017!) I know that holidays mean more crowds, but someday I must experience Disneyland’s Halloween and Christmas celebrations. The park was just beginning to add some of the Christmas decor during our stay and it was beautiful.

“What’s this?”

Hands down, my favourite thing we did was watch the Frozen live show at California Adventure. The interactive stage was breathtaking and the actors, wow, they had some chops! Anna was adorable and Elsa’s singing gave me the chills in the best way. We also got to do a meet and greet with Arendelle’s Royalty and Elsa told me what an honour it that I chose to wear a shirt with her on it. It’s dorky to admit, but I was a little tongue tied when I met the actresses because Frozen means a lot to me, but they were both perfectly sweet. (I resonate with Elsa and her attempts to “conceal, don’t feel”. I may not have her ice powers but I know what it’s like to walk on eggshells and pretend that everything’s alright when it isn’t.)

Anna and Elsa
Lol @ the watermark. Don’t worry, we’re gonna buy the actual picture. 😉

We rode Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters (I beat Jake!), Flik’s Flyers, the Haunted Mansion, Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train (LOL, whatever, the scented gingerbread was bomb), both King Arthur and King Triton’s Carousels, Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roaders, Monsters Inc: Mike and Sulley to the Rescue!, Pirates of the Caribbean, Silly Symphony Swings, and Star Tours. Doing the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean with our WoW guild mate, Baybdoll and her husband made those two rides extra special. We were also able to pick up lunch with them at the French Market Restaurant before they split off for more adventurous rides. (The French dip sandwich = fantastic, by the way.)

Don’t forget your Dole Whip from the Enchanted Tiki Room as well! It’s ICONIC.

What was adorable was how the staff would take notice of my “First Visit” button and become more interactive with me. One of the attendants for Pirates teased me about the shirt I was wearing. (It had the Death Star with the quote “When you wish upon a star…”) Roz from the Monsters Inc ride singled me out, “Hey, girl in row two – NICE EARS.” (I wore glittery Minnie ears the entire trip.)

I got to meet Oswald, Pluto, Anna, Elsa, and BOBA FETT. When I saw Boba, I gasped SO loudly that his attendant quipped, “Wow, to suck all the oxygen out of the room!” (Boba, along with some other Star Wars characters are in a separate building called the Launch Bay, which is designed like it’s a shuttle bay straight out of the movie.) Little touches like that really made the experience all the better.

I’ve already told Jake that this experience made me want to eventually get an annual pass whenever I start teaching. Disney life, happy wife AM I RIGHT?!

Oswald was the first character I met, right as we entered DCA. 🙂
Pluto gives the best hugs.
I met a notorious Bounty Hunter and lived!