Everyday Makeup 2.0

Considering the last time I wrote about my “daily” makeup routine was in 2013, I figured it was time to give it an update! ūüėČ


My twenty-eight-year-old skin differs from what it was like at twenty-four. Since y’all know I’m a sucker for a compare/contrast bullet list, here we go!

– I’m still ghostly pale.
– Foundation likes to oxidise orange and/or darker than my neck.
РHereditary dark circles are my bane.

– Skin went from combination (with dry patches) to dry-dehydrated.
– More intuitive skin care routine has my facial skin in a healthier place than when I was younger.
– I have the beginning of undereye wrinkles.

So here’s what I use and why!

  1. Etude House Proof 10 Eyeshadow Primer. Proof 10 reminds me a lot of Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion. (Even down to the original bottle shape, since UDPP is now in a squeezie¬†tube!) The biggest difference between the two is that Etude House’s formula is thinner. A little goes a long way because it’s easy to blend into your skin. On days where I don’t wear shadow, I like to put a little of the primer on my eyelids because it gives a faint shimmer.
  2. Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On¬†Eye Pencil. I’ve been in love with this pencil since I first used it back in 2008. I’ve tried other brands and other formulas and I keep coming back to this tried and true pencil. It is fantastic in the water line because it stays put!
  3. Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid in “Peach”. I use this under my eyes and on acne spots as a little bit of camouflage. It’s a thin liquid so it doesn’t get clogged¬†up in under eye lines. The CC effect isn’t SUPER heavyweight, it’s more natural looking.
  4. Too Faced’s Primed and Poreless Pressed Powder. I like to use Korean BB Creams and a lot of them have a “sheen” to them, as South Korean makeup focuses on bright, luminous skin. (The total opposite of the whole baked and matte trend here in the US!) I use a small amount of this powder to “set” my BB cream and make it less shiny.
  5. Shiseido Senka Aging Care UV Sunscreen SPF 50. I’ve been using this Japanese sunscreen as my facial primer, as it’s important to protect your skin from UV rays. It’s very moisturising and does a fantastic job at preventing sunburns! I wore it to Disneyland and while my partner got a bit of a burn, my face didn’t suffer any.
  6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in “Auburn”. Very natural and easy to use! The auburn shade looks flattering with my hair and skin tone. I especially like that it has a spoolie on the opposite end for travel grooming purposes.
  7. Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick in “Ivory Babystar”. One of the biggest complaints about Asian eyeshadows vs. their Western counterpart is a lack of pigmentation. You kiss a lot of frogs before finding a holy grail! ¬†I personally love this shadow; it’s subtle in its colour but BIG in sparkle. Plus, it’s easy peasy to work with.
  8. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit in “N02 Light Beige”. I LOVE this BB cream. For one, it’s affordable. I’m used to spending $30+ on foundation and feeling meh about them. It’s lightweight, yet moisturising and a pretty good colour match. You can build up the coverage to medium, but I prefer to sheer it out.
  9. Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara & Curling. I’ve been switching between Lash Perm and Diorshow and I have to say, I like Lash Perm better. You can build up the volume and length of your lashes by doing a coat at each of the “steps”, but I skip to step 3 and apply two-three coats, which makes my eyelashes look super long. The formula isn’t super wet, but it can be clumpy if you’re not careful.

And here’s what I look like wearing all of the above on an average day!¬†Shoutout to my violently purple undereye circles; I’m on alternative endo medication that puts me into¬†perimenopause (which has RUINED my ability to get restful sleep).

Shoutout to my sweet friend Kiki for gifting me a selfie ring light at BlizzCon, which is 100% why these pictures came out so clear. img_4672 img_4673

Note: I buy 90% of my Asian beauty products off of Amazon. Check seller’s feedback to make sure that they are the real deal! I have yet to run into any issues with buying¬†fraudulent products, but I am very careful with who I purchase from. A lot of the sellers are direct from Japan / South Korea, but you can on occasion purchase Prime deals based in the US at a slightly higher mark up to get your goodies faster. The AsianBeauty SubReddit also has a master list of legitimate sellers and websites.

Sephora Play! Thoughts

I have¬†subscribed to Sephora’s beauty box, Play!, in lieu of Birchbox for the past three months. As someone who is a Birchbox Ace and was subscribed for over a year and a half consecutively, I will be¬†gathering my thoughts¬†in a pro/con/neutral¬†fashion while comparing and contrasting the two services.


  • With Play!, your samples are all high quality brands that are carried at Sephora. There were a few times while I was subbed to Birchbox where I had never heard of the branded samples¬†sent to me. (Not necessarily a bad thing, but if you are a brand loyalist, that¬†may be a turn-off.)
  • There has been a good rotation of product. One thing that can get stale about beauty boxes is when they fall into a lull of sending you hella lotions, or loading you up on¬†facial products when you want make up. Since I have only been subbed for three months, I will have to see if Play! falls into the same trap.



  • All subscribers get the same curated box since Sephora lacks the personalization touches¬†of Birchbox. I can see the pro point-of-view; if a¬†social media influenster and an “average Jane” both subscribe, the influenster does not obtain¬†what could¬†be¬†perceived as the better samples just¬†for having an internet presence. At the same time, I can also see the negative. What if you receive a product for dry skin when you have to tame an oil slick daily? There is no “one size fits all” in the world of beauty.
  • Perfume samples in every box. Like I have said on Instagram, I feel like perfume samples in a beauty box are a cop-out. Birchbox has a customization feature to where you can receive perfume samples no more than six times a year, which I really like. But I can see the positive point of view: some might find¬†perfume samples are a boon because you get to test a fragrance against your body’s chemistry before purchasing. Me? I am just picky and dislike the musky¬†florals that tend to get sent out in subscription boxes.



  • With my first month’s Play! box, one of my samples was broken and another was omitted from my box all together. So I never got to test the Living Proof spray (pump did not work) or the Clinique Chubby Highlighter stick (omitted — I was really looking forward to that!) This had never happened to me during my entire run with Birchbox.
  • Play! lacks the amazing point system of Birchbox. With Birchbox, you were able to review each product in your box for 10 points a piece. 100 points would grant¬†you $10 to spend in their online store, which is stocked with all sorts of goodies. Sephora¬†gives you a “Play Pass” for a¬†complimentary one-on-one session with a Sephora employee. With the¬†pass,¬†you can learn¬†how to apply the products in your box and the employee will answer whatever questions you may have. if you choose to buy something in store, your pass¬†awards you a¬†bonus¬†of¬†50 Beauty Insider points.¬†Honestly, other than redeeming the 50 points the next time I need to make a Sephora run, this is a service I do not see myself using.
  • Many¬†of the Play! samples have been available as Beauty Insider deluxe samples. This would be a major detriment to someone who often redeems their points.


While I feel like Sephora Play! has had some growing pains, it is on its way to becoming a good choice in the world of $10 beauty boxes.

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Colourpop Lippie Stix Review

When I was younger, I never, ever wore lip products outside of chapstick. I thought I had “funny” shaped lips and hated to draw attention to them. Fast forward ten years or so and I wound up with a major appreciation for lipstick. Seriously, these days it is a little mascara, a touch of an eyebrow pencil, and a sweep of lipstick and I am out the door and convincingly faking to the world that I am well put together.

So as a new found lip product junkie on a budget, I was pretty intrigued when I came across ColourPop making its rounds through the beauty community. For those who are unfamiliar, ColourPop is an indie US company manufacturing cruelty-free eyeshadow and lipsticks for $5. You heard right – five. dollars. My Starbucks order is more expensive than that, y’all. So I took the plunge and ordered three of their Lippie Stix to test the waters: Frida (warm nude pink), Brink (warm dusty taupe a la Kylie Jenner), and Creature (blackened burgundy).

  • Frida is their satin formula and glides on your lips with no tugging at all. The finish has a slight sheen to it and is lovely without being overwhelmingly sparkly. It does come off on whatever you are drinking but the formula is so creamy that you do not lose any of the colour on your actual lips. I averaged about four hours before it completely disappeared from my lips.
  • Brink is their matte formula. The pigmentation is out of this world and the application is silky smooth; I often forget that it was only $5 because it performs like a product quadruple its price. Like other matte lipsticks, your lips can become a bit dry feeling as time wears on so I layer it on top of some chapstick, which works to combat that dryness. I averaged about six hours before it completely disappeared from my lips.
  • Creature is also their matte formula. This lipstick is vampy as hell; the dark oxblood shade made me feel like a real badass. Unlike the other two lippie stix, I had a slight issue with feathering and think that it would work better with the Creature Pencil applied first. The colour did not apply as evenly as Frida and Brink, but I find that to be expected with darker shades. It was easy enough to even out to that glorious deep red with a few coats but just remember that it is more fussy than a “put on and go” lipstick! I averaged about four-and-a-half hours before I needed to remove the lipstick because it looked messy from the feathering.

Would I order from ColourPop again? Oh hell yes.


I thought the handwritten note included with my order was a sweet, personal touch. Gotta love companies who do PR right!

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August Birchbox

Inside the cute little tee-hee container was the lip sheer and perfume sample.

Yes, yes, I know that it is September now. But I signed up with Birchbox late in the month and received my August box on 9/5. The box was so nice that I have to talk about it!

In the box was a sample of Catherine Malandrino’s Style de Paris fragrance, a sample of K6 Skincare’s clean antioxidant facial cleanser (vegan and paraben-free!), a full size tube of LAQA & Co.’s sheer lip tube in Bees Knees (coral), a full size eyeliner crayon (black) by Noir Cosmetics, and a sample of Whish’s shave crave shaving cream (acai grapefruit) which is exclusive to Birchbox.

Style de Paris smells fantastic. It leans slightly musky with my body chemistry but is sweet enough to not be granny chic. Perfume tends to disappear quickly on me; this scent has a lifespan of about 3-4 hours before it vanishes. If it was not $110 for a full size bottle, I would be interested in picking some up! #BrokeCollegeKid

I have not tried the facial cleanser because I do not want to freak my skin out again. The ingredient list, however, seems gentle enough for me to test in the near future and I will give a real review after!

Swatches with flash – the lip sheer is two passes of the product!

The lip sheer is lovely. The coral colour is really fun and buildable – totally perfect for the dog days of summer. As a bonus, the formula is moisturizing and makes your lips slightly tingly from the mint. It looks nice on my pale skin if I combat the pink in my cheeks with some yellow powder but I think that the coral would really pop on darker skintones. Since it is sheer, the colour lasted about 1 hour on my lips and the moisturizing effect lingered after the colour faded.

In the past, I have mentioned that the Urban Decay 24/7 pencil eyeliner is my holy grail. While that is still true, Noir Cosmetics made a pretty darn good eyeliner! It is super creamy and easy to apply… and it’s waterproof. If you want something a step above drug store and do not want to pay the extra money for UD, this eyeliner is a good substitute. The eyeliner lasted 9 hours on my waterlines, which is when I removed it for bed.

Ironically, I have to say that the shaving cream was my favourite item in the box! Normally I use EOS’ shaving cream, which is good… but Whish is better. I shaved last night and purposely skipped lotion afterward to test out the softening effect. My normally dry legs are. still. soft! I think I know what my Birchbox points are going to be redeemed for. ūüėČ As a warning, this shaving cream does not lather; it is more like a gel. That really weirded me out when I blind tested it!

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Mask of Magnaminty


After a week of using the four-step Rodan and Fields “Soothe” line that my Mom bought to support her friend, both of our faces were a mess. Mom and I have fairly clear skin that is not prone to freak outs, so us BOTH breaking out into a ton of pimples was concerning.

Sigh. This is why changing skin care products is intimidating.

So I did some reading up on cleansers because I wanted to rid myself of all that junk in my trunk my pores. Since I really liked Angels on Bare Skin, I decided to take a chance on another Lush product.

Is it just me, or does it look like melted mint chocolate chip ice cream?

As for some background information on my skin, it is very dry and ruddy. Most benzoyl peroxide products make it freak out. I am prone to icky dry patches that stick out like a sore thumb if I wear powder only. But I have been using the Mask of Magnamity every other day since I bought it on 9/5 and my skin is nearly back to its old self.

lolol ignore my gross bottom lip – I’ve been chewing it. #Neurotic


This photo was taken after my third application of the Mask of Magnaminty was rinsed off. As you can see, I have a small, almost unnoticeable bump left under my right eye. Compared to the gigantic pored crater face of two weeks ago, I am pleased as punch with this progress!

And another plus is that while you are waiting on the mask to harden, you are green like Shrek so you can chase your brother and fiance around yelling “THIS IS MY SWAMP!”

(Oh, only I do that? Okay.)



  • + Non-drying
  • + Deep cleansing
  • + Tingly!


  • – Messy!
  • – Bad for someone who has a peppermint sensitivity / allergy
  • – Unsuitable for every day use