Into the Rush

With sorority recruitment right around the corner, I figured that I would give some pointers as someone who has been through the process.


  1. Do not alter your personality to fit into a specific house. I do not care if they are known as a “top tier” sorority, have the prettiest members, or seem like they have a strong sisterhood from the outside. What you see is not always what you get and if you are acting like a clone instead of yourself to fit in, you are going to have a bad time. Always be yourself; if you are passed up by a house because you like video games or have purple streaks in your hair, you would not have been comfortable there anyway.

  2. Keep an open mind. As a PNM, I Facebook stalked, Instagram stalked, and Twitter stalked. I had mottos, colours, and mascots memorized. I went into the process SO convinced that I was going to be an Alpha Chi Omega… until AXO cut me after the first day of recruitment. Many girls lose faith after their number one choice cuts them and they drop out of the process. DON’T! What you see through the internet is a carefully crafted image and is often not indicative of a sororities sisterhood. Sororities are trying to sell you that THEIR house is the best during recruitment, so listen to your heart. And be sure to keep your head held high if you get cut by a preliminary “fave”; why want to be a part of something that did not want you?

  3. Dress appropriately. I am not telling you to run out and buy Lilly, Vineyard Vines, J. Crew, or whatever else is considered “stereotypical sorority girl wear.” Just follow the guidelines that are listed by your school’s website! Wear a cute pair of shorts with your mandatory recruitment T. Jazz up your outfits with jewelry. Let your personality shine through! Also, if you plan on wearing heels during sundress and formal dress rounds, it is a smart idea to bring some comfortable shoes to wear in your downtime. I do not care who you are, heels are hell!

  4. Bring something to do. There is downtime in between meeting houses, especially if you go to a school with relatively small Greek life. (My campus only has 4 Pahellenic sororities!) Your Rho Gammas / Pi Chis will provide some entertainment, usually in the form of a movie or ice breaker games but you are still going to be doing a lot of sitting. Some girls brought their laptops to work on homework, I brought my Kindle to pass the time. You probably will not have access to your cell phone so do not go in expecting to use it as your time waster.

  5. Look polished. If you are not someone who does elaborate hair styles (hi, I am one of them, too!), make sure that your hair is shiny, clean, and well groomed. If you do not wear a full face of make up, at least put on some mascara, tinted lip balm, eyebrow filler, and complexion corrector. You will have time between visits to freshen up in the bathroom if needed, so bring your hair brush and make up bag! Oh and if you wear open toed shoes – PEDICURE. It does not even have to be by the pros, just polish your toe nails and make sure that your feet do not look dirty and dry.

  6. It is okay to be nervous! Recruitment is a mixture between a job interview and a date, so it is perfectly normal to have some jittery nerves. Just take a deep breath and realize that the ones working behind the scenes are probably as nervous as you are! It also helps to prepare beforehand a list of questions that you really want answered to work in organically when the conversation lulls.

And the last thing… ENJOY THE PROCESS! Recruitment is a unique experience where you meet a lot of girls that you would have never met if you did not give it a shot. I met my maid of honour through recruitment! We may not be sorority sisters but we are the best of friends. šŸ™‚


The Great Fratsby

Saturday was my first Roseball, aka Delta Zeta formal. Our theme was The Great Gatsby and both the dinner and venue were perfectly elegant. We were served a three-course meal, which was divine.Ā I would love to emulate theĀ prosciutto wrapped chicken that we were served someday soon!

The only letdown was that the DJ did not play a slow song for Jake and I to dance to, since his set was comprised of mostly hip-hop and rap. Though, I did do the Wobble with Ashley (despite my lack of dancing skills). #Bravery

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Homecoming + Philanthropy

On Friday I had the opportunity to represent Delta Zeta in my school’s homecoming parade. Of course I jumped at the chance! Snaps to our new Chapter President’s Momma for driving our “float” – even though we hastily decorated her truck in less than 15 minutes, our Maverick pride and DZ spirit was undeniable.

We even made “front page” news on the daily email brief that the university paper sends out!

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Sisterhood Retreat

Our Fall 2013 sisterhood retreat was held at the Ft. Worth Zoo. And seriously – the venue could not have been more awesome! I have always enjoyed going to the zoo so getting a private night tour, an animal demonstration from one of the zookeepers, and the ability to get up before the crowds rolled in to stroll around the zoo was a great experience. Plus after the rain dissipated, the weather was glorious.

The sweetest part, however, was the sisterly bonding. We played a couple of silly games like charades (my group acted out being a rug!) and a game that involved some of the scariest hugging that I’ve experienced. After the games were done, the entire chapter gathered in the closest semblance to a circle that we could get into being seated down a narrow hallway and told our personal stories on why we joined Delta Zeta or what Delta Zeta means to us. Oh. My. Gosh. No one warned me not to wear a full face of make up! Loving Cup was an emotional overload that left me feeling so honoured to have these women in my life and so damn proud of what everyone has overcome. Oh, and I totally sobbed the entire time I told my story. #NoShame

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Gone Greek!

Recruitment was… an experience. Ha! On day one, the gym we were seated in was extremely hot because its A/C unit was malfunctioning. It also did not help I felt incredibly awkward because everyone else seemed to know at least one other person. But the experience was filled with awesome, too. I faced two of my biggest fears: rejection and talking with strangers. I got to network and meet girls that I would have never met if I decided against going through recruitment. I learned that first impressions can be dead wrong and that even though rejection hurts, the system works and I ended up exactly where I should be: in Delta Zeta!

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