IntPiPoMo Post #3

Tomorrow is the first of December, so this is my final post for International Picture Posting Month. With the addition of this post, I have contributed 44/50 screen shots.

As the month drew to a close, my time for gaming screeched to a halt due to an emergency family situation that has required my full attention. I toyed with the idea of making a post using some preexisting screen shots that I snapped from another earlier months which is okay in the gist of IntPiPoMo, but violated the personal challenge that I set for myself. I went into IntPiPoMo wanting to provide nothing but screenshots snapped during the month of November and even though I fell short of the actual goal, I still passed my own little mini-challenge. So, yay!

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to IntPiPoMo, even if you didn’t “win”!

There are 10 pictures beyond the jump, including some from Legacy of the Void’s epilogue. (AKA unmarked spoilers)

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IntPiPoMo Post #2

Considering that November has about a week-and-a-half before it’s over (AHH!), I figure it’s high time for my second IntPiPoMo post!

This has been a fabulous month for gaming. The conclusion to the StarCraft 2 story, Legacy of the Void, was spectacular. Throughout the campaign I was a bundle of emotion. I laughed, I sobbed, I legitimately cheered Artanis on; I went into LotV feeling lukewarm about him and left a fan. He accomplished more for the protoss than any of his predecessors were able to and it was beautiful to see them make a stand as a truly united race. FOR AIUR!

Some of the fandom was unhappy with the epilogue, with the biggest complaints being that it was cheesy and cliche. Personally, I liked how everything was wrapped up, but also being left a slight amount of ambiguity to speculate over. Speculation makes for incredible fan works!

On the StarCraft front, I’ve also been hacking away at Mass Recall, which is a fan remake of the StarCraft and Brood War campaigns in the SC2 map editor. It’s ambitious and really well done. If you haven’t played the original game or if you’re feeling nostalgic, I’d highly suggest giving it a go.

The Co-Op that was introduced with Legacy of the Void is probably my favourite multiplayer mode at the moment. Naturally, I’ve been playing as Commander Raynor, since I’m terran trash and have a big ol’ crush on Jimmy. (Oh no, I admitted it! Yikes.) I like blasting away at stuff with the Hyperion’s yamato cannon, PEW PEW.

It wouldn’t be a gaming post without me mentioning Heroes of the Storm, aka my obsession. I attended Liore‘s first Heroes of the Storm Drop-In Night and had a ton of fun. Even though I play a lot of HoTS, I tend to stick to bot matches because I lack confidence. (STORY. OF. MY. LIFE.) It was cool getting to meet other people in the community and practice my PvP skills!

I also got into the Overwatch beta’s first stress test weekend! Oh, man. This is the kind of game that I’m really and truly awful at. But besides human error, it’s been a good time. Game play is fast paced and the maps are slick (and beautiful!) The characters each have their own unique feel to ’em; there’s someone for pretty much everyone’s playstyle. I like Mercy and McCree the most out of the characters I’ve tried; Mercy being a healbot and McCree being a run-and-gunner. To note the technical errors I’ve ran into: I’ve had a few crashes to desktop, problems connecting to matches, and some issues getting the in game VoIP set up. But hey, it’s a beta. It’s the time to report that stuff so it’ll get tuned up. I know that Overwatch is going to be a real success because you can feel the love that its team put into it!

ANYWAY. SO MUCH TEXT. Let’s get to the screen shots! 25 images after the jump, not 100% spoiler free if you haven’t played Legacy of the Void.

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IntPiPoMo Post #1

As far as initiatives go, November is well known for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and “Movember”, in which men begin the month clean shaven and grow a mustache to raise awareness for men’s health issues and cancers. While I believe that both are wonderful causes, I have no desire to write a novel and I can’t grow a bitchin’ mustache. So, each November, I sit on the sidelines and cheer for my friends who are taking part of one or both causes. *waves pom poms*

Until this November… (dramatic drum roll here)

November also has a littler known initiative: International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo). For those who don’t have it in ’em to write 50,000 words, you instead post 50 pictures throughout the the month. (Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, clever, eh?) Chestnut of Gamer Girl Confessions has organized a IntPiPoMo group with a twist: instead of photos, since we’re gamers, those who are taking part will be be posting 50 gaming screenshots throughout November.

Hell, anyone who follows me on Twitter or Anook knows that I. Love. Taking. Screenshots., I totally had to join in! Since 50 screenshots of anything is kind of like, sensory overload, I’ll be breaking ’em down into several posts, with this being the first.

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