Vests Under $60


One of my many guilty pleasures is reading fashion blogs. (Is it really a guilty pleasure if I don’t feel guilty about it? Whatev!) But there’s a downside to many of those blogs: the clothing that’s modeled in an oh-so-chic manner is waAaAaaAaaaAy out of my budget! While I do like to drool at ready-to-wear designer pieces, it just ain’t attainable. My spoon isn’t silver, it’s more like, a plastic spork. #HoiPolloi

After curating my riding boots under $100 post, I knew I wanted to extend into a budget fall wardrobe series for those who are livin’ in the same category as myself: loves fashion, doesn’t have an excess amount of cash squirreled away JUST for clothing purposes. So go ahead and treat yo self, these vests (hopefully!) won’t have you stuck eating instant ramen until your next payday.


Riding Boots Under $100

ridingbootsunder100ONE | TWO | THREE | FOUR

When it comes to fall and winter, I pretty much have a uniform. Skinny jeans and/or leggings, slouchy cardigans and/or vests, and riding boots. Gasp, y’all, I just admitted to being #basic. And you know what? I own it! I live for cooler weather, Halloween decorations, and the return of the ever-mocked PSL. My homeskillet Anne of Green Gables captured it best with her exclamation, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” Yasss, queen. You might joke that it’s Han Solo season but whatever, we basics look polished while sipping our seasonal drinks and living life unapologetically.

Make mine soy no whip!

Anyway, back to the crucial part of the uniform: riding boots! A couple of weeks ago, I was whining lamenting to Twitter about how it is impossible to find boots that are:

a) affordable (let’s face it, I’d love a pair of Tory Burch boots but I’m #basic on a budget)
b) have a wide enough calf / are available in a size 10
c) are brown or cognac

Last year, I waited too long into the season to find a pair, which meant all the size 10s were gone. (This is extra DUH, considering that I used to sell shoes and knew that we started receiving our shipments in July. Retail is ALWAYS a season ahead of the weather!) This year? I have my game face on and managed to find via the handy dandy Google machine four pairs that fit my specifications. Touchdown.

(Boots #1 – 3 are also available in a non-wide calf option as well, for those who do not fall under the “B” category of my list!)


Peppy Patriotic Fashion (Two Ways)

Helloooo, Summer! Even though in Texas it feels like summer since around March, Memorial Day Weekend acts as a big kick off to official summer vacay. Since Memorial Day itself is officially a day of remembrance for our fallen soldiers, my family honours their sacrifice with delicious food, togetherness, and good cheer.

Also, in my case: patriotic fashion! At my casa our celebrations tend to run low-key casual but I included a dressier option for those prepsters who prefer to add a touch of whimsy to their simplicity.

(But for real, can we take a second to squeal over those star-spangled seersucker norts and the adorable bow frocket tee?! #TooPerf)





Oh, shift!


Hey darlings! The Lilly for Target launch was… quite an adventure. While I did not wait in a line outside of my local Target for first dibs, I was one of the ladies who was mashing f5 on the Target website while checking Facebook and Twitter to giggle at the clever jabs my compatriots came up with while waiting for the site to come back up. It crashed three times while I shopped and each time, more stock was sold out. As it turned out, making a list of favourites was absolutely useless; the site was broken to the point where I had to use clever maneuvering* to shop because the predetermined categories did not work.

*I COULD NEVER GET THE SHOE SECTION TO LOAD! Goodbye, pineapple sandals, we hardly knew ye.

I managed to snag three items from the coveted plus collection, which made me happy. I am actually an “in-betweenie”, as it is known in the plus sized fashion world; I tip-toe between the largest of straight sizes and the smaller side of plus.  The shift dresses were among the first things to get snapped up while the site glitched but I did get my hands on one of the cute flounce dresses – I hope it cooperates with my *cough* amble bosom.


I was not expecting to actually go to the store but my fiancé nudged me and we made it there around 10:30am. On first pass, the Lilly section was mostly bare. There were two swing tops left in my size so I grabbed them and headed to the (crowded!) fitting room. Unfortunately, they looked awful on me because they were structured for a woman who is both slimmer and smaller chested than I am. Can we say adorable looking circus tent?! #Fail

So we did our shopping and stopped by the Lilly home display. Holy cow, the beach chairs were ADORABLE in person! The coffee cup set was long gone, so I lingered and contemplated buying a beach towel and helped a fellow Lilly shopper grab the towel she wanted without knocking over the display.

Before heading to check out, we walked past the display again, which had some items that were brought back from the fitting room. Boom! Strapless jumpsuit. The challis pom pom shorts in ‘upstream’ that I lingered too long to buy online. The stinkin’ adorable white eyelet shorts! ALL IN MY SIZE! My fiancé, who picked up on the whole supply and demand thing, told me to grab ’em and if they did not fit, we could bring them back.

We lingered a little longer and chatted with a lady who told us that she just made a huge return because she and some girlfriends hit up several Targets and pooled their goodies. Jackpot! Thanks to that return, I was able to grab a scarf in ‘nosie posey’, a wristlet in ‘boom boom’, and a headscarf in ‘my fans’.


I am very pleased with my haul and am grateful to have a fiancé who ahem, supports my quirks. Everything I bought in store fit; the shorts are a little shorter than I normally go with (3″ vs. 5″), but they look good. My Mom fell in love with the jumpsuit because it reminded her of the ones she wore in her teenage years, which is so cute that I can’t stand it.

So ladies and/or gents, how did YOU fare? Were you there as the store opened? Break your computer’s f5 button? 😉


Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Tomorrow is the launch of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection! As both a fashionista and a lady who loves bargains, I am super excited. (Plus, the addition of plus sized pieces? Yes, please! Everyone deserves to look lovely in Lilly.)

Judging from prior popular Target designer collaborations and Lilly sales, I would suggest going into the sale with a game plan because merchandise is going to go quick!

  • The College Prepster mentioned that the online shop may open as early as 1am on the 19th!
  • Make sure that you create a Target account with your payment and shipping information stored to make checking out easier. This is kind of a “duh” tip but trust me, you do not want to be scrambling to find your credit card at the last second.
  • Also, expect the worst if you go the online-only route. Servers can be sluggish whenever a swarm of people are spamming f5 and placing orders.
  • Favourite the pieces that you are most interested in so you can access them quickly. I also have the Target for Lilly subsection favourited on my FireFox menu bar so I can jump right to it!

But my biggest piece of advice is to be chill! Where’s the fun in getting all worked up?

Here’s a few of the items that I have my eye on. The romper is a DEFINITE as-is buy but I’d be happy with the plazzo pants, maxi/shifts, and shorts in pretty much any of the prints, really. I need the giraffe scarf like burning though – giraffes are my favourite!


Are you planning on shopping the Lilly sale? What items can you not live without?


Lilly Endless Summer Sale!

Today is the kick off day of the Endless Summer Sale! Despite a technologically bumpy launch, I managed to snag a cute casual dress and some stickers for my agenda. It was a little disappointing to see some of the pieces that I really wanted sell out from under me, but such is the nature of flash sales! Better luck next year, eh? 😛

This is the polka-dotted Cassie dress. I am pleased that it has 3/4 length sleeves because I am self-conscious about my arms. (Plus, it will not be exclusively a spring/summer dress; I like multifunctional clothes!) It was marked down from $98 to $29.

I already own some navy blue tights that I cannot wait to pair with the dress! Now all I need are some nude or brown flats…

These will pair well with my Lilly agenda! #LillyOverload. The stickers were not part of the sale but they are only $6, so it is a steal on its own!

Anyone else planning on taking advantage of the sale? 🙂


A lucky find

After walking the mall on Wednesday with Jake and leaving empty handed, I remembered that a new junior’s consignment shop called Uptown Cheapskate opened up in the plaza across the street. In the past I had great luck with finding gems at Plato’s Closet, so we stopped in and looked around. Best. Idea. Ever!

I found a Lilly Pulitzer “Sabrina” dress in Chilean Ave print for less than $17! (I also may have squeaked a little upon seeing it on the rack – I was NOT expecting to find a Lilly!)

It is an older print, but there is a lot of life left in the dress. The little scalloped hem is also just darling!

I also tried on a dress from Abercrombie and Fitch but the navy was too faded for their asking price. I loved the little sleeves, swoop neck, and polka dots, though!