Resolution Reflections

Looking back on the resolutions I made in 2016, they’re… wishy-washy at best. I can’t really blame myself for wanting to be gentle, since 2015 was a year that I had spent recovering from 2014!

However, my 2016 was mostly good. I made tangible progress toward finishing my history degree. (If I keep up my momentum, the latest that I will be completely done would be after Fall ’18- FINALLY.) Beefy and I celebrated the marriage of two longtime friends, along with the nuptials of his nephew. We took the longest trip that we’ve ever embarked on together, which was also my first time on an airplane. California was wonderful; I achieved my childhood dream of visiting Disneyland and we got to experience BlizzCon, which was both mine and Jake’s first convention. While we may not attend the actual convention again, we plan on returning to Cali to visit with our Reciprocity guild mates, who have become an eclectic second family for us both.

So this year, I want to set some actual goals.


tumblr_inline_niyn5kthv41ry72eo Weigh 160lbs (or in that ballpark region) by September.

Jake’s best friend is getting married the first weekend of September and we both want to look nice (especially since he’s in the wedding party!)

tumblr_inline_niyn5kthv41ry72eo Work out at least three times a week.

AKA let’s stop throwing away money every month for gym memberships going untouched.

tumblr_inline_niyn5kthv41ry72eo  Study more.

I end up scraping by instead of excelling because I rarely study and tend to cram at the last possible second. Between that and missing assignments due to being scatterbrained? I earn more low Bs and high Cs than anything else. This year I want to earn the grades I know I deserve.

tumblr_inline_niyn5kthv41ry72eo  Earn at least a B in the 4 classes I’m taking at Uni.

(CC Span can be a C, as it transfers over as PASS/FAIL.)

tumblr_inline_niyn5kthv41ry72eo  Don’t miss attending my on-campus classes more than 4 times.

When I miss class once, it always ends up snowballing due to my anxiety. LET’S BREAK THAT CYCLE!

tumblr_inline_niyn5kthv41ry72eo  Improve upon my academic writing, as it leans informal.

Jake told me once while grammar checking a paper I wrote for Texas History that it sounded like a blog post! I write how I talk, which is great when it comes to informal writing… but not so much when I need to be serious business.

tumblr_inline_niyn5kthv41ry72eo  Take the time to actually take pride in my appearance.

I like makeup. The process of applying it soothes me. Yet, I rarely wear makeup because I don’t take the time to. I end up faffing around on Twitter, or doing something else that’s equally “wheels are turning but I’m not going anywhere”. Pft!


1 thought on “Resolution Reflections”

  1. Ahhh dude, planning a trip to visit your guild family sounds so bomb! I wish you and Beefy the best of luck and safe travels along with it when you guys go! That’s going to be so much fun! :3 I remember reading about your anxieties you had with the convention itself, because of the atmosphere, and I really can’t say that I blame you for feeling that way. I don’t think any amount of medication would help me relax in a situation like that, so I don’t blame you, like I said. Plus, visiting with your guild is more personable, and you’ll be able to gain much more of a good time out of that, I think! 😀

    Hey, I think your makeup looks super lovely! I’ve discovered my love for it since I moved into my parent’s house again. It’s like a newfound love. Let’s both apply it more, more often, shall we? I always love seeing your posts about the newest makeup you got or the ones you love the most on Instagram/Twitter so I’d love to see it on you, too! ^_^

    Working out doesn’t necessarily have to be at the gym, either. I know you’d like to go, but if you don’t make it, there’s always other options like doing stretches and cardio at home (if you have the room, or if you have the means of doing so maybe outside for a walk or something). EITHER WAY, I wish you guys the absolute best of luck in your 2017 goals!! Girl power!!


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